Helping companies recruit and retain strong employees, maximize their productivity and promote their physical and mental health. 

Let us help you build the strongest and healthiest workforce you can imagine.



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Outdoor, micro fitness, yoga and meditation sessions taught by leading instructors from around the world.


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Your Challenges

Maintaining Company Culture

Create or maintain company culture by showing you care about your employee’s physical, mental and emotional health. Encourage them to prioritize work/life balance and take care of their bodies and minds.

Boosting Morale

When you create a positive company culture, you boost morale by showing you care about your employee’s physical, mental and emotional health in addition to the work they produce.

Built in gamification and incentives help to increase morale, culture and engagement regardless of location.

Adapting to Change

Support your remote or hybrid workforce with a wellness solution that they can use at home remotely, at the office, or even while they travel.


Rising Healthcare Costs

Reduce rising healthcare costs by encouraging employees to take care of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally with fitness, yoga and meditation. These are proven preventative solutions that reduce disorders, illness and disease therefore reducing doctors visits and claims.

Company's Bottom Line

Your bottom line will increase when you reduce other expenses… and with healthcare costs continuing to rise, this is an expense to prioritize.

New Tech Tools To Gather Data

Gather data about employees from the app. Examples:
– Who’s using it
– Who’s receiving incentives
– Who’s engaging with coworkers
Gather metrics and track results to see improvements in your employee’s physical, mental and emotional health.


Boost your recruitment process by giving your employees the ultimate wellness benefit… a daily escape with global fitness, yoga and meditation content shot in some of the most beautiful locations around the world.


Retention will naturally increase when culture and morale improve and they understand that their company cares for them personally and professionally.

Keep your employees physically and mentally strong and having fun by jet-setting your team around the world with some of the best trainers and instructors in the industry.

Employee Engagement & Productivity

Fitness, yoga and meditation are all proven to reduce stress and increase engagement and productivity.

  • Breaks are proven to give our bodies and minds a recharge, so we can accomplish tasks and goals.
  • Research from the Harvard Business Review states that breaks allow us to take a step back and make sure we’re accomplishing the right things in the right way.
  • When you feel your attention fading or burnt out, stop and indulge in a short, micro, global escape with our instructors around the world to enhance your mood and stay productive throughout the day.



Work/Life Balance

Fitness, yoga and meditation encourage you prioritize your physical, mental and emotional health, as much as a meeting for work or your family. Employees need to take work/life balance seriously, so they can fully show up 100% for everything else in their lives.

  • Choose from our large library of wellness content on beaches, cliffs and overlooking breathtaking views of cities around the world.
  • Train, do yoga or meditate outdoors in the sun and brighten your day, as you detach briefly with the NRG Way Team.
  • Melt away daily stress from your living room, backyard, office or hotel room while you are traveling for work.

Physical Health

Fitness, yoga and meditation are proven to help improve:

Brain Function, Joint, Skin & Heart Health, Balance & Stability, Chronic Illness like Diabetes, Build Muscle & Lung Strength, Increase Flexibility & Circulation, Burns Calories & Weight, Better Sleep & More Energy.

When our minds are calm, this reduces pain in the body, regulates the nervous system, brings us into homeostasis, and allows our immune, digestion and other systems to work at their full potential.

Micro wellness content gives employees the physical reset they need, which relieves pain, tension and tightness from daily stress and sitting for long periods of time.

Mental Health

Fitness, yoga and meditation are proven to help improve:

Mood, Clarity, Focus, Decision Making, Brain Performance and Accessing New Parts, Slows Aging Process, Imagination and Creativity, Patience and Tolerance, Self-Awareness

Quick wellness videos get employees the mental and emotional reset they need which relieve daily stress, brain fog, feelings of burnout, and overwhelm.

Brief mental breaks help employees stay focused on tasks and the relaxation associated with daydream mode during meditation can allow the brain to return valuable insights, solve problems, and improve decision making.



Work with us to create custom wellness content for your company that addresses any problem your company or employees are facing!

Examples could be:

  • Nutrition
  • Confidence/ Motivation
  • Zoom Meeting Burnout
  • Exhaustion/ Overwhelm
  • Low Immune System
  • Anxiety/ Social Anxiety


How NRG Way Solves Your Challenges



Strength training at its's finest

NRG Way Workout uses kettlebells, stability balls, resistance bands, dumbbells, medicine balls, and bodyweight exercises to provide you with strength training that produces results. Whether you want to strengthen your lower body, upper body, or both, this series will get you to your strength goals by building lean muscle. 

Strength training with a twist

NRG Way Workout N Cardio is a strength training and dynamic cardio exercise designed to increase your heart rate and build strength by combining jumping jacks, jump rope, boxing, and many more bodyweight movements.   

Workout the entire body and attack your core

NRG Way Workout N Core combines abs, obliques, and lower back with squats, rows, bodyweight exercises, trunk rotations, hip raises, lower back strengthening, and more. Using kettlebells, resistance bands, medicine balls, and bodyweight training, this series is the perfect blend of strength training and core-based groundwork. 

Overall body, mind and emotional health

NRG Way Cardio Blast is designed to get you moving quickly and efficiently, combining bodyweight exercises, boxing, jump rope, and many other variations of movement protocols that keep things fun and engaging.  Keep your heart, brain and joints strong, increase energy and quality of sleep, and boost mood. 

It all starts with your core

NRG Way Core Blast focuses on strengthening your foundation which is proven to prevent injury, improve posture and respiratory function.  

Core and movement never get old

NRG Way Core Flow is an innovative workout combined with ground-based exercises using only bodyweight. Test your strength, target your core, and do movements that flow together throughout the session. 

Need motivation?

NRG Way Fitness Challenges provide motivation and offer a competitive edge for those who want to push themselves to reach peak performance. Each fitness challenge is unique, creative, and offered to all levels of fitness – beginner, intermediate and advanced. 

Preventative Protocols

Book a consultation, tell us what you're struggling with and learn how the NRG Way App can help your company thrive.

Specific muscle groups for faster results

NRG Way Isolation sessions focus on a particular area that you want to tone or increase strength. Targeting biceps, triceps, quadriceps, hamstrings, chest, back, lower back, calves, abdominals and obliques using bodyweight, resistance bands, kettlebells, dumbbells and medicine balls. 

Elongate muscles and increase mobility

NRG Way Stretch sessions increase overall movement through the use of dynamic stretching and breathing. Stretching is key for preventing injury and reversing the damage from sitting at a desk and computer for long periods of time. 

Low back pain?

NRG Way Low Back sessions offer a variety of preventative exercises to keep your back strong and flexible, so you can have good posture and overall body health for all other types of movement, exercise and recreational activities.

Yoga & Meditation Sessions

Yoga sessions are perfect for a quick morning, mid-day, or afternoon stretch to help you feel more relaxed, get the blood flowing and energy boosted. Meditation sessions can help reduce stress, ease the mind and give you clarity.

Connect your body & mind

NRG Way Yoga sessions are designed to combat stress with breath-to-movement flows that regulate the nervous system and provide a complete physical, mental and emotional connection and recharge. 

Test your skills

NRG Way Yoga Challenges are a great way to learn a specific yoga pose that focuses on opening up a particular part of the body. These sessions involve a flow that builds up slowly and deliberately to a peak pose perfect for beginners that are still learning or yoga junkies that want to refine their skills. 

Short on time?

NRG Way Micro Yoga sessions offer a quick yoga flow that’s 5 min or less. This is the perfect first thing in the morning to help you start your day, between meetings or in the afternoon/evening to get a boost of energy and mind/body reset after sitting for long periods of time. 

What's your current problem?

NRG Way Themed Yoga & Meditation sessions target specific physical, mental and emotional problems you might be faced with. Themes can be customized according to what you want. Examples could be: sleep, anxiety, stress, focus, memory, energy and more. 

Clear your mind and reset

NRG Way Meditation sessions help you reduce stress as you increase self-awareness, focus on the present moment, and reduce negative emotions. Ranging from one minute to 6 minutes, these are great for beginners or anyone that is short on time that wants to calm the mind and get clarity.

Custom Content

100% Customizable

Create personalized content for your employees. The NRG Way App Customized Wellness Content is a great option if your company and employees have specific needs or just want to get creative. These videos can teach you about various wellness topics including:  fitness, yoga, meditation, nutritional recipes, and more!

Take A Break with a Global, Outdoor Escape

 This wellness content not only helps keep you physically and mentally strong, it keeps you engaged with virtual travel to stunning, global outdoor locations, helping to reduce stress, enhance mood, focus, and productivity, so you can think, feel and perform your best wherever you are.

The NRG Way App is your mental, physical and emotional reset and recharge so you can get back to what matters most and enhance your personal and professional lives.

Wherever you are… at home or work, the NRG Way App encourages you to move or take a mental break, with access to all levels, of global, outdoor fitness, yoga, and meditation videos at your fingertips.

The NRG Way App


Earn gift cards with the NRG Way Incentives Program.

  • Earn 5 points after completing any NRG Way session. Cardio, body weight, yoga, meditation, anything.

  • Then earn 5 more points by uploading a photo of yourself crushing the session.

  • All your points show up in the rewards center.

  • Track and monitor the history of your points, as you reach your fitness goals.

  • Once you’ve collected enough, redeem your points for anywhere between $20 and $100 in Amazon gift cards—sent directly to your email.

  • Keep up the good work, reach your goals, and earn a little something extra from NRG Way.

Build strong company culture with the NRG Way App Gamification features.


We believe that company culture, employee morale, and user engagement are critical to sustaining a new age of hybrid and remote work. Keeping your culture strong and empowered with gamification will keep your wellness program modern and effective to combat today’s challenges. Remote work is rapidly growing, which means keeping your team morale high is even more important.

The NRG Way App has taken on these challenges to increase employee:

Let us help you and your employees create healthy lifestyle changes that reduce your company’s healthcare claims and increase your bottom line.  

  • Engagement

  • Interaction

  • Collaboration

  • Motivation

  • Inspiration

Meeting Reset

Breaks are essential for productivity

The NRG Way App 'Meeting Reset' sessions use micro fitness, yoga and meditation to provide you with short movement, stretching, breathing and mental clearing breaks to reduce stress and allow your body, mind and emotions to recharge between meetings. Breaks are essential to prioritize throughout the day, helping you increase energy and improve your ability to focus and engage in meetings.